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            Avery Dennison’s Global Organizational Leadership Development (GOLD) program is a 2- year rotational, multi-functional leadership development program that accelerates careers and continuously develops talent. 

            艾利丹尼森的全球組織領袖培養計劃(GOLD Program)是一項為期 2 年的輪崗式跨職能領導力培養計劃,旨在推動潛力人才 的職業發展和能力提升。 


            The GOLD program offers a unique opportunity to learn and train in two cross- functional business rotations that are chosenbased on your background and skills, your career passion and the needs of the business. As a part of a global company, GOLD Associateshave the opportunity to work in multiple locations throughout the world. 

            GOLD計劃根據您的專業背景和技能、職業熱情,結合業務需要,提供獨特的跨雙職能領域業務輪崗學習與培訓機會。 作為跨國公司的一部分, 



            Within two 12- month rotations, GOLD Associates will complete: 


            Rotations in different functions and locations 


            Enterprise Lean Sigma management skills & intensive leadership development along with finance training and hands-on experence at one of our manufacturing sites during your first year as a GOLD 

              成為GOLD培訓生的第一年,將會在我們其中一個生產基地接受企業精益管理技能 (ELS) 和強化領導力培訓,同時伴隨財務知識學習與在崗操作實踐 

            Continued training and learning opportunities in your second GOLD rotation at Action Learning, a highly interactive week-long training focused on communication, advanced leadership development, and rapid problem solving 

              次年,在繼續輪崗學習與實踐的同時,將定期通過行動學習、強互動學習等培訓形式,接受為期一周的重點針對溝通 互動、進階領導力、快速解決問題的技能培養 

            Participate, co-facilitate and leadership of Kaizen events 



            GOLD program graduates are ready to take on business critical roles around the globe, including Plant Manager, Project Manager, and Commercial Finance Manager. Therefore, we are looking for: 


            Highly motivated, creative thinker able to work effectively in a fast-paced, change-driven environment with excellent command of spoken and written English 


            Bachelor degree or above in engineering, operations, supply chain, business management, finance, accounting, or related discipline 


            Ability to relocate every 12 months into different functions and locations 




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